Construction Cleaning

Need help cleaning up after that renovation? We can help!

If you’re looking for the best cleaners in Whatcom county, look no further! We blend professionalism, pride in our work, and quality together to bring you the highest caliber of performance every time.

If you need help cleaning up after construction, we’re the folks for the job. Whether it’s light construction clean up, tidying up after a renovation, or help with an ongoing project, our team is qualified, efficient, and ready to go.

We don’t drag our feet, either — it’s important to us that you get the best service every time. That means quick & high quality cleaning on your construction project so that you can get back to what you love to do. Leave the dirty work to us.

Light construction cleaning can take many forms, of course. While we don’t haul trash, we do prepare everything in the space and get it back to normal. Drywall dust? Gone! Litter? Tidied up! Marks on the walls? Polished and perfected! No matter the grime, dust, or smudges left over from construction, we’re ready and able to make your space shine like new.

In the end, we want you happy. That’s the most important thing to us, always. So as you’re figuring out what it is we can do for you, think about what you absolutely don’t want to do. We’ll handle it for you. After all, that’s our job: making your life easier.

After your construction project, there’s still so much to do: piles of this and buckets of that left everywhere, nails hidden in ducts and in the corners of the room, and so, so much mopping. Kick up your feet or go out to dinner, and let us take care of the mess. After all, the construction is the hard part. Shouldn’t you get to take a break?

So what does light construction cleaning entail?

“Construction Cleaning Looks Easy, Wait Until You Do It.” Bellingham House Cleaning

Keep in mind that with all of our cleaning services, we will always customize it to your needs. That’s right! There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to us. We take your needs, your concerns, and your priorities into account first and foremost, always and forever.

For instance, many of our light construction cleaning clients prefer that we bag the trash and leave it by the curb in residential cases, or in the trash area for commercial spaces. Not a problem! Though we don’t haul the trash away ourselves (sorry!) we do take every measure to ensure that the trash is picked up and put out of sight, out of mind. No need to have you bothering with it anymore!

“The Amount of Debris and Garbage during Commercial Cleaning is Unimaginable. Just Leave it to the Pros.” Bellingham House Cleaning

Of course, that’s not all. You may prefer that we throw away or clean old paint brushes, and we’re happy to do this as well. It’s common that paint cans, brushes, tape, stirrers, and other casualties of the painting process are left around after the project is finished, and we’ll put it all away. We’ll throw out the unsalvageable brushes, clean the fairly salvageable brushes,

Light Construction Cleaning for Homes

We here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning have a very thorough approach to our cleaning, but we are always happy to adjust our approach to your preferences. However you’d like us to handle things, you have but to ask, and we will deliver!

To give you an idea of our construction cleaning process, let’s dive a bit deeper and take you on a tour of what it’s like in one of our typical construction or renovation cleaner projects. 

For starters, we typically come in once  a bulk of the actual construction job is completed. After all, there is no use paying a construction cleaner if the renovation isn’t quite done yet. That’ll mean more dust over the space we just cleaned, which only costs you more money in the end. It’s best to ensure that the areas we clean are one hundred percent finished or, at a minimum, can be roped off and protected from any continuing construction dust, debris, or footprints. That approach gets you the most bang for your buck, so it’s definitely worth it!

Light construction & renovation cleaning in the Bellingham, WA area…

Construction cleaning means we make the messy look marvelous! It’s no secret that construction sites get covered in layers of dust, grime, and sometimes even a lot of mud (though you’re not always sure where it all comes from, right?).

We wipe it up, mop it up, and most importantly, clean it all up for you. It’ll shine when we’re done!

Renovation cleaning is about sifting through the piles and dust leftover after a construction project and making it orderly again. We’ll mop floors, sweep up, vacuum, and get all those hidden nails out of the way so you can enjoy a finished product (without having to lift another finger)!

After all, you’ve worked hard enough in all the construction. Why clean it up, too?

It doesn’t take a village to clean up after your construction project. In fact, it only takes a few construction cleaner specialists (us!) to do the job.

Leave the dust, piles of trash, and miscellaneous nails to us. We’ll tidy it all up, polish and shine, and make it sparkle like brand new!

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Your one stop shop for renovation cleaning services!

“Don’t Let Your Tools Get Lost. Hire Professional Cleaning Instead.” Bellingham House Cleaning

Let’s face it: renovations & construction projects are hard work. You’ve already spent the money, time, and effort to bring your concepts to life, spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to ensure everything was just right. You’ve done a brilliant job up until this point, and you’ve earned a break. After all, not many people enjoy the clean up process (though we do!)

“Do Construction Cleaning and Visualize how You Want Your Space to Look Like.” Bellingham House Cleaning

You’ve run the wires, installed the new lights, fixed the floors, and maybe even installed a window or two. You’ve done it all, and you’ve earned a break. 

We can guarantee you it costs a lot less than you’d think to get us to clean up for you. It can’t hurt to ask, so why not give us a call? If nothing else, you’ll have the option that wasn’t there before.

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Curious about construction cleaning prices? Like we’ve mentioned before, you don’t need to worry. You absolutely can get affordable, professional, and efficient cleaners. With us here at Bellingham’s Best House Cleaning, you actually DO get the best of both worlds!

And if you’re looking for construction cleaner reviews, well, ours speak for themselves. So give us a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything gain by letting us clean up the construction debris, dust, and smudges so that your project can shine!

Big or small, slightly messy or a huge disaster, we can handle any light construction cleaning project in the Bellingham, Washington area. That means we go from Birch Bay to Blaine, Ferndale to Lynden, and pretty much anywhere in Whatcom County. 

Give us a call or send us an email today for your absolutely free, no strings attached price quote on the light construction cleaning project you have on your plate. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price… and blown away by the results. Talk to you soon!

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